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Travel agency as tour operator? Why not take advantage of the Package Travel Directive!

This seminar is aimed at existing and prospective travel agencies who would also like to act as tour operators. As a result of the Package Travel Directive, travel agencies will face considerably more administrative tasks and challenges from 01.07.2018. The risk of unintentionally becoming a tour operator as a travel agency will increase significantly with the Package Travel Directive. Why not simply take the offensive and not only protect yourself, but also make active use of the possibilities. The advantages are obvious. Your office has unique selling points: Offers that cannot be found in the competition. You certainly have special strengths and insider knowledge depending on the region or type of travel, make these your competitive advantage.

09:00   Welcome

09:15   Overview of the demarcation between tour operator and travel agency according to new law (Package Travel Directive)

10:30   The optimal insurance and tour operator risks

12:00   Purchase of services
Incoming agencies, regional service providers

15:30   The tax peculiarities of a tour operator

16:30   Complaints and liability
Frankfurt table, guaranteed services, notice of defects, remedy, legal basis of the tour guide as vicarious agent

17:30   Distribution
Tour operator as intermediary, tour operator as travel agency

18:00   Feedback

For organisational reasons, the times given are only approximate. Of course there will be breaks.

Target group: Travel agencies

Minimum number of participants: 3 persons

Costs: Euro 100,- p.p. incl. VAT.

The costs include: non-alcoholic drinks and snacks during the seminar.