Tour Operator – Newcomer


This seminar is aimed at tour operators – newcomers and serves to impart basic knowledge. It is ideal to get an overview of the requirements and processes of a tour operator. Just as perfect for travel agencies who are concerned with the idea of occasionally acting as an operator themselves. IMPORTANT: The seminar already considers the package travel guideline, which comes into force starting from 01.07.2018.

09:00 Welcome

09:15 Legal basis tour operator

            Basic principles of travel law, differentiation between travel agency and tour operator, travel contract, liability for vicarious agents

12:00 Purchase of services

            Allotment and guarantee contracts, incoming agencies, regional service providers

15:30 The tax peculiarities of a tour operator

16:30 Complaints and liability

            Frankfurt table, guaranteed services, notice of defects, remedy, legal basis of the tour guide as vicarious agent

17:30 Sale

            Tour operator as intermediary, tour operator as travel agency

18:00 Feedback


For organisational reasons, the times given are only approximate. Of course there will be breaks.

Target group: Tour operators – newcomers, travel agencies

Minimum number of participants: 3 persons.

Costs: Euro 50,- p.p. incl. VAT.