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Quality Management

Quick check. Our tests for: Travel agency – Tour operator – Holiday home – Hotel – Airline

With our quality management we offer you several variants. What, however, in all areas – whether travel agency, hotel, etc. – the same is that you get a significant added value and can thus specifically optimize your orientation.

Our self-developed Quick Check procedure, which we frequently use for quality analyses in the context of “mystery shopping” and also in open tests, primarily serves to analyse the service process in operative business with customers. This includes extensive evaluation criteria that deal constructively with the service received by the customer. All aspects are formulated in detail in the assessment. After the evaluation, you will receive a detailed report and, if you wish, a personal consultation and the award of your certificate.

This Quick-Check Analysis is a suitable and cost-effective way to optimize your quality management.

Afterwards, you can of course also decide on a further consultation. We are also happy to take care of your internal processes.

It is important in all aspects of consulting that your company achieves an improvement in quality as added value. Our approach already begins in the small. Especially for hotels, but also for travel agencies, airlines and tour operators, cost-neutral or inexpensive optimizations are possible, as often a little “business blindness” creeps in over time. With little effort not only details can be optimized and customer satisfaction increased sustainably.