OneWorld Consulting

Whether you are a tour operator, travel agency, holiday home agency or another tourist service provider, we will be happy to advise you on your plans to venture into self-employment.

In the past years we have already implemented many positive projects together with prospective entrepreneurs and even today we accompany many of you. Following the motto of sustainable consulting, we are pleased to have been able to accompany and continue to accompany the expansion of one or the other tour operator, holiday home agency or travel agency.

The step into self-employment is of course associated with risks, but at least as much with opportunities.

Which advantages do I have by an accompaniment by OneWorld Consulting, if I would like to make myself independent?

You have professionals at your side with an open ear. Of course we consider the project, whether in the planning phase, the implementation, the growth and expansion. A business start-up always has ups and downs and often there are also questions with which one is not directly familiar. It is also not uncommon to have doubts from time to time. Here, too, we see ourselves as a dialogue partner with a lot of experience and are your compass.
From a technical point of view, one likes to make minor and major mistakes at the beginning and later during the foundation or one does not exploit one’s own potential by far.

What specific services do we offer?

This depends entirely on the period of time during which you contact us.

Idea phase
At this early stage, we first talk about your project and discuss it very concretely with you. After all, the main thing is that the path I have in mind is realistic or there are also optimizations that I personally have not thought of. Here, especially around the question, is it realistic what I have in mind and do I really want that?

Planning phase
You have decided to found your company. The planning is of course much more than just the business registration and one or the other bureaucratic. Now it’s all about implementation and strategy. We are not the only ones dealing with this, but you at least as well. For this, we have a very extensive question catalog with which you must concern yourselves and we afterwards together. This is also the basis for the preparation of a business plan. Seldom does an entrepreneur deal so closely with his company, its tasks and objectives. But it is above all also about the portfolio orientation, sales, liquidity and success planning, marketing, your personal circumstances and needs, security systems for crises up to the point at which few think, an exit strategy.

Business plan
As already mentioned in the planning phase, the preparation of the business plan is the moment when you are most intensively involved with your company. From portfolio orientation, sales, liquidity and success planning, marketing, your personal circumstances and needs, security systems for crises to the point that few think of, an exit strategy. Now there are cheap and business plans and simple templates on the Internet, in various online shops mostly already available for the industry and the type of company. Here only few adjustments are necessary.
Tip: Hands off!

The business plan is a real opportunity for you and the foundation of your company and thus also very quickly your existence. It is also decisive for the financing decision of a bank. We immediately recognize whether a business plan was written by yourself or whether it is copy and paste. You can assume that the bank can do the same. Yes, a business plan is very time-consuming, but that is also correct. Because here you deal with your livelihood and possibly your family. That’s why we insist on doing our own work and do not write a business plan for you. We support you with the preparation and discuss all points in detail with you, so that at the end your own planning develops, because you must represent these. A good planning already saves costs, because adjustments during operation are costly and you rarely have time for it. It is best to set the course in the foundation.

There are different financing models and the most classic is of course the bank. We will be happy to support you and discuss this with you individually.

Implementation phase
Of course we won’t leave you alone here either. We accompany you to appointments, support you in discussions, contract negotiations and much more.

Support after the foundation
Here, we can offer you a wide range of different services, depending on your personal needs. It goes from the general smaller support up to the intensive support. The advantage for you is that you always have a contact person to answer specific questions or ideas on a short official channel.