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The DACH market – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – is certainly one of the most attractive markets worldwide in terms of travel sales. It is characterised by a very high purchasing power combined with a corresponding willingness to travel. Due to the special structure of this market, it makes sense to enter via the strongest market in Germany and to serve Austria and Switzerland in parallel. Often it is neglected to cover Luxembourg and border areas of France, especially Alsace.

If you would like to successfully win customers in these countries, there are a few special features that need to be taken into account. The entry strategy should also be well thought out.

Since there are different ways and strategic starting positions in each case, we always adapt these individually for your company and your requirements.

In the following, we present you with exemplary building blocks from our service portfolio, which often form part of a successful market conquest and which we incorporate into an overall strategy.

One of the most comprehensible and obvious points is the language barrier. Here we offer you more than just a simple translation: we have your text formulated professionally and optimally in German. A purely mechanical translation by Google, for example, is usually not sufficient and often brings with it comprehension problems, since, for example, pictorial descriptions are translated literally and these metaphors no longer make sense in terms of content in another language.

We also recommend that you do not enter the market externally, but conquer it from within. We offer you the possibility of a representative office in Germany with various services. Your German customers thus get a personal contact point in Germany for bookings made at your location. Furthermore, we negotiate for you very concretely with tour operators so that they include your products in their portfolio. Due to our excellent contacts and short ways to the decision makers a cooperation on a large scale is possible. It is also feasible for us to send you information material and documents by post.
If you seriously want to win over end customers in the DACH sector, there is no way around the position of a tour operator within the framework of a successful B2C business. If you want to sell directly to the customers, there are two possibilities: the foundation of a tour operator in Germany with all rights and obligations or you use our efficient and very cost-effective “White Label Option”.
This enables you to sell under your own brand with all the advantages of being a tour operator. Why is this so important?
If you want to operate as a B2C tour operator in Germany or other countries, you have to fulfil numerous requirements. They strengthen the rights of the customers, provide securities and simplify the processing for them. Therefore, these consumer protection rights are decisive for the booking decision of your customers.

The requirements include, among other things, that customers can book on a German-language website and that all conditions and information are also in German. You must have a company in Germany as a contractual partner. No foreign bank transfers are necessary, all funds paid by the customers are protected against insolvency in this case. In addition, there is a corresponding liability insurance, which compensates the customer in case of doubt. In addition, the customer enjoys all other consumer protection rights.

In contrast to setting up your own tour operator, all this is included in our individual white label solution and no major investments are necessary. This option is therefore ideal if you want to enter the market with limited risk and low investment costs.

In the case of our white label solution, we can immediately make you bookable in more than 7,000 travel agencies and thus massively expand your distribution possibilities.

We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you individually and tailor your personal market entry to suit your needs.