OneWorld Consulting

We actively support agritourisms that want to be represented in the German-speaking countries (D, A, CH).

For this purpose we offer you individually tailored possibilities: among other things a complete representation in Germany, the translation of the website, active contract negotiations with tour operators and agencies, solutions in the field of multi-channeling to obtain a very wide distribution on various portals, special conditions on numerous portals, dispatch of advertising material and much more.


If I am already under contract with agencies, can I still continue working with them?

Of course, there are no restrictions on our part.

What advantages do you offer me with a representative office?

In this case you are directly represented in the German-speaking area with a contact person for agencies and customers. The distances are much shorter. We support your marketing, PR and sales professionally and actively. In particular, the off-season periods can be better utilized. We negotiate contracts with agencies in your interest. However, you always decide for yourself which cooperation you would like to enter into.

What about portals and double bookings?

We offer you the opportunity to be represented in various portals with direct booking options. You then decide whether you do not want to be represented in a portal. Furthermore, we provide a technical solution that makes direct bookings possible and avoids double bookings.

What advantages do several agencies offer me?

Many of these agencies have their own advertising possibilities and numerous regular customers who would not book with you without the agencies.

Is a translation of my site important?

We strongly recommend a professional translation into German. For example, many clients do not speak Italian and do not speak enough English. Here we offer you individual special conditions.

I already have a German site. Can you also optimize it?

Of course we can, because we work closely with an advertising copywriter who specializes in the tourism and holiday home sector.

What are the legal and strategic requirements for a successful sale to the end customer in Germany?

We advise you comprehensively down to the last detail and are happy to support you here as well. Just get in touch with us.

We have brochures, can you also translate or send them?

We will be happy to take care of everything for you, store the brochures with us and, if you wish, send them to the customer for you. Your Agriturismo gets a contact person in Germany – the big advantage, because for us it is short ways. For you it is a relief and there is no language barrier.

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